About Us

Universal School of Health is an educational organization part of Global Summits Institute LLC, born with the firm conviction that only through high-level academic education and innovation will we achieve the greatest benefit for the entire global Health ecosystem.

For over 8 years, we have been working on behalf of Doctor-to-Doctor relationships. At this time, multiple verticals have been developed in order to improve the services provided to Doctors from all over the world.

We currently have the following priorities in our institution: Bring face-to-face and virtual updates in the field of health to our entire medical community.

We can only achieve a greater impact by working with leadership and hand in hand with more people who share our values and strategically guide our work. We extend a cordial invitation to you to be part of our CE Program.

Welcome to the future!

school hours

M-F: 8am - 6:00pm


300 Jeffords St. Suite B,
Clearwater FL, 33756