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Message From The Dean

Dr. Emily Letran | DDS, MS, CHPC

Dr. Emily Letran – DDS, MS, CHPC

Welcome to the Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) with Emphasis on Healthcare Business. I am proud to introduce the first program in the world that closes the gap between clinical training and real-life business acumen for doctors, empowering us to be successful CEOs and community leaders.

As healthcare professionals, we all go through rigorous training, achieving clinical competency over years of professional education. It is not possible, however, to fit business training into an already demanding clinical curriculum. Recognizing the gap, we are offering this program to help doctors rise to their next level of business excellence.

Our program is taught by clinical professionals who also own and run successful businesses. These doctors come from all over the world and have backgrounds in research, publishing, innovation, team building, sales psychology, business scaling, and marketing. This unique team will be augmented by outstanding global industry leaders as guest lecturers, who will share cutting-edge knowledge in their respective fields.

The program has three tracks with three separate focuses

Financial Track

The Financial Track starts with personal finance, cash flow, and debt management. It provides insights to establishing different corporate business structures and building wealth through creation of intellectual property and joint ventures among different sectors.

Business Administration

The Business Administration track focuses on the actual operations of a successful business, covering business basics, complex sale strategies, marketing on multiple platforms, business ethics and the development of high-performance leadership. This is the track that will transform the clinician into a CEO who will be able to handle any business challenge.


Research Track

The Research Track is a unique part of our Doctorate program. The doctors will review literature as well as complete an individual research project. This essential track will allow the doctoral candidate to demonstrate their aptitude to become an innovator, publish research, and contribute to our overall multidisciplinary body of knowledge.

Our program will help professionals complete research projects, develop the knowledge to run profitable practices and generate the ability to create collaborative opportunities for business acceleration and wealth building.

As I look at the decade ahead, I envision three extraordinary accomplishments for this program

  • We will transform the healthcare profession by raising the level of excellence in financial literacy, business management, and innovation
  • We will reach beyond the walls of our practices to develop meaningful partnerships with our colleagues in various fields with the understanding that our success comes from collaboration.
  • We will set the new standard for business training in healthcare education so our doctors can enjoy happy, fulfilled lives while creating their professional legacies.
I am excited about the new program and invite you to join us in designing and implementing an exciting future. We are in business to make a difference. That difference starts today when you make the commitment to take your career to the next level of excellence and freedom.

Yours truly,

Dr. Emily Letran
Dean, Doctorate of Business Administration

Message from the Associate Dean

Dr. Julio Reynafarje – DDS
Dr. Julio Reynafarje – DDS

A Doctorate of Business Administration as an Essential Aspect of Professional Development

Congratulations on being a healthcare professional!

We believe that traditional healthcare education programs do not provide the essential business skills healthcare professionals need in order to be successful in their careers.

In addition to your clinical training, a Doctorate of Business Administration will give you an integrative perspective. It changes the way you see business and make decisions, generates relationships with your partners, improves your knowledge and skills, and certifies your superior aptitude when you graduate from the program.

You will approach the problems of your organization, whether in the public or private sector, with better systems, tools, and strategies. Through the program you will gain a solid foundation for academia, a passion for knowledge and innovation, and a spirit for entrepreneurship.

You may wonder, “Why would I invest two more years of study if I am already a healthcare professional?” You already know that continuing education is an integral part of professional growth. Oftentimes, we focus on the clinical aspect of our development. The Doctorate of Business Administration provides high levels of leadership and interpersonal skills, complemented by specific knowledge in technology, management, finance and marketing. This training will generate an absolute return on your capital investment and grow yourself and your business permanently.

Through our online courses, the Doctorate of Business Administration program teaches you how to lead the management process in health organizations and how to make the best decisions based on business data and analysis.

It also prepares you for opportunities and flexibility in your professional life:

  • You will be a voice of authority in your respective sector.
  • You will gain access to exceptional positions and compensations if you choose to work with companies.
  • If you choose to be a solo practitioner, you will be a better CEO, conducting your business with higher profits.
  • You can choose to be part of academic or research development and influence industry trends.
  • You will develop your full potential, strengthen important skills such as  perseverance and patience, and raise internal motivation.

Finally, by working with our group of professors, researchers, and professional business owners,  you will be contributing to building a better health service system for the entire world population.

We are excited to welcome you as you join us on this journey.

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